Salary Market Data Sources

The university has selected a number of reliable, well-established salary surveys to provide salary market data reflecting the markets in which we recruit and compete for Professional and Scientific talent. These includes:

  • Different geographical markets (national, regional, local),
  • Different business sectors (education, health care, general industry)

In order to get reliable information on a majority of university positions, a number of survey sources were identified. Whenever possible, multiple sources were used for a specific benchmark job, using data that most closely reflects our size, complexity and geographic location.  A summary of the specific surveys used is provided below:


The Administrators in Higher Education Survey collects data on nearly 50,000 administrators in approximately 200 senior-level administrative positions from more than 1,100 higher ed institutions. Data collected include salary, gender, race/ethnicity, age and years in position. The Professionals in Higher Education Survey collects data on nearly 200,000 professionals in approximately 350 mid-level professional positions from more than 1,100 higher ed institutions. The Staff in Higher Education Survey collects data from more than 800 higher ed institutions on nearly 175,000 staff in approximately 150 staff positions (office/clerical, technical/paraprofessional, skilled craft, and service/maintenance). For our analysis, we focused specifically on the salary information from Big Ten Universities and other peer institutions within each survey.

Oklahoma State Faculty Salary Survey

The OSU Faculty Salary Survey report is presented by CIP code and faculty rank and grouped by Carnegie classification and by geographic region. The standard report provides salary information is presented for all participating institutions and grouped by the 2010 Carnegie Classifications: Very High Research (VHR), High Research Activity (HR) and Doctoral/Research (DR). In addition to national salary data by rank, our survey also includes breakdowns for tenured/tenure track and non-tenured track faculty. Included are the “all disciplines combined” averages and “all discipline average without medical disciplines” which are found at the end of the publication. Also included is the category, “new assistant professors” as a subset of the assistant professor category.

In order to create a peer group that more closely aligns to UF, a tailored report that consists of AAU institutions and salaries are presented as percentiles rather than averages.


Compdata BenchmarkPro survey provides cross-industry salary data for more than 400 general staff titles, as well as comprehensive benefit and pay practices information. This is a national, general industry survey.  Compdata Colleges and Universities survey results provide a comprehensive look at salary information for more than 250 job titles across the campus, including Faculty administration, higher education and general staff positions. Compdata Healthcare survey results provide comprehensive salary information for more than 969 jobs and data include per diem, prn, shift differentials, on-call/call-back pay.

Mercer/Gartner Information Technology Survey

The Mercer/Gartner Information Technology survey is for IT industry as the name implies. It is recognized by compensation professionals as a leading survey to determine salary levels for employees. This survey covers over 1,000 IT positions, covering all career levels, representing over 2,3000 companies across industries.

Payfactors Market Data

Payfactors’ compensation market database is comprised of aggregated third-party commercially available survey vendor data. Payfactors data exclusively consists of employer-reported data (not self, government, or recruiter reported) to provide clients with the most accurate view of the market. Only data that was assembled by compensation professionals for compensation professionals is leveraged in our process. Payfactors market data is covers:

  • 5,600 unique benchmark jobs
  • 160 industries and sub-industries
  • Postal-code level data across all size classifications (1-50K+ employees; <$5M-$50B+ revenue and assets; )
  • International market data libraries: Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, China, Australia, India, and Singapore


This nationwide survey collects Total Cash Compensation data for over 500 professional, managerial and Director-level staff positions specific to higher-education institutions. Additionally, this survey provides regional and college level data cuts for some positions.