EPAF Approval

The University of Florida ePAF System

The University of Florida uses electronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAF) to support HR transactions for various employee types.

Timely Submission

It is crucial to submit ePAFs well in advance of the effective date, preferably at least 10 days before.

If an ePAF is:

  • Completed or submitted incorrectly
  • Necessary documentation is not attached or is completed improperly
  • GatorStart is not completed by a new hire
  • Submitted prior to 90 days for the job action type

It may be sent back to the originator with instructions for required changes. Please note that turnaround times may be longer during busy seasons.

Types of ePAFs

New Hire Checklist

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

When submitting an ePAF for review, ensure that any required documentation for approval is scanned, uploaded, and labeled correctly. This is essential for it to be attached to the ePAF and labeled accurately in the employee’s electronic personnel file.