University Operations and Work Schedules

The University of Florida operates 24/7, and work units determine operational hours based on academic or business needs. Standard operations involve varied employee schedules and patterns aligned with roles, unit needs, and individual considerations.

Work Scenarios

  • At a UF Facility: Faculty or staff members work at an official UF facility in Gainesville or elsewhere. Incidental flexibility may be allowed under the Flexibility in the Workplace Policy.
  • At a Remote Work Location: Work is done at a location other than a UF facility, typically at the employee’s home. Eligibility is based on position description and job duties, with final approval required through the Remote Work Location Agreement.
  • With a Hybrid Schedule: Employees work at a UF facility and from another location on an agreed-upon schedule. Approval is needed for a hybrid schedule exceeding 40% FTE elsewhere. The Remote Work Location Agreement is required for remote work beyond 30 days.

Regardless of the setting or scenario, UF regulations and policies apply to all university employees.

Decision Tree

Flexibility in the Workplace Policy

The university’s Flexibility in the Workplace Policy permits varied work hours and occasional remote work. Details can be found in the Remote Work Location policy.

Remote Work Location Agreement

Final approval for remote work is required through the Remote Work Location Agreement. More details are available in the Remote Work Location policy.


UF supervisors aren’t obligated to provide remote work, and the university may refuse or terminate remote work arrangements at any time. Refer to the Remote Work Location policy for more information.