Probationary Periods

Probationary Dismissal

Should an employee be dismissed during his or her probationary period, he or she may or may not be eligible for re-employment with the university. A determination is made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the cause for termination.

Probationary Appointments for TEAMS and USPS


TEAMS employees serve a six-month probationary period upon hire at the University of Florida unless their probationary periods are extended (in which case, their probationary periods could be extended to last up to one year). After successfully completing their probationary periods or initial appointments, TEAMS employees are issued appointments to coincide with the appraisal cycle (March 1 – February 28), including when promoted, reassigned or demoted.

Once a TEAMS employee has successfully completed the initial probationary period, they will not serve any additional probationary periods if they maintain continuous service.


Non-exempt and exempt USPS employees serve probationary periods upon promotion, reassignment or demotion to a classification in which they do not hold permanent status.  Please note that Law Enforcement Officers serve a 12-month probationary period.

Upon satisfactory completion of a probationary period, USPS employees gain permanent status in the classification in which they are employed and earn certain benefits as described in detail in the TEAMS and USPS Employee Handbook. If dismissed during the probationary period, USPS employees do not have the right to appeal the dismissal. In light of this, it is important that employees get feedback from their supervisors while in the probationary period.

USPS employees may switch to TEAMS upon moving to another position or may switch during any of the TEAMS open enrollment periods. The effective date of the enrollment will be at the beginning of a pay period.