Three-Month Onboarding Checklist

Your new hire is halfway through their probationary period, so you want to make sure they are meeting expectations and settling into their new position. Make sure to clearly communicate how they are doing and areas they need to focus on.

Provide Clear Expectations and Feedback

Questions for Regular Check-in Meetings and 90-Day Conclusion

  • Do you have the necessary resources for your training and work?
  • What’s working well?
  • What’s not working well?
    • How can I assist?
    • Any ideas to resolve the issues?
  • ​Do you need more or less feedback from me?​
  • Discuss the new hire’s experience with their job, expectations, and progress:​
    • Areas of success​
    • Areas needing special help​
    • Specific improvement areas​
  • Is your team experience positive? Do you feel included?​
  • How is your relationship with your buddy?​
  • Are you adapting well to our culture and standards?​
  • What would you like to learn more about?​


This editable checklist will help you keep your new hire on track.