Six Months and Beyond: Acknowledging Milestones

The 6-month mark is a significant milestone for new employees. As their supervisor, it’s crucial to celebrate their progress and discuss their performance. Open communication fosters employee retention and helps them envision a future within the organization.

Structured Performance Conversations

Structure the 6-month performance conversation in three steps:

Step 1: General Questions & Clarification

  • Discuss major accomplishments and achieved goals
  • Identify strengths, areas for growth, and address job-related queries

Step 2: Key Employee Attributes

Evaluate knowledge, responsiveness, teamwork, attendance, initiative, and capacity to develop.

Step 3: In-Depth Discussion of Higher-Level Skills

Assess functional knowledge, trust-building, effective communications, problem-solving, and results delivery


The “What’s Next” resource includes a plethora of topics and questions to assist with your regular and ongoing performance conversations.