Reviewing Applicants


This page provides essential guidelines and resources for hiring departments when reviewing applicants for active job postings. It is divided into specific sections for different types of employment.

General Information



Academic HR


Staff (TEAMS & USPS)


Temporary OPS


Academic HR

Reviewing Faculty Applicant Pools

Discover how to review faculty applicants effectively at the University of Florida.

For detailed information, consider taking the course PVO800: Faculty Search Committee Tutorial.

Develop Selection Criteria

Creating clear criteria for faculty applicant selection is crucial:

  • Qualifications required for consideration.
  • Attributes used to differentiate qualified candidates.
  • Evidence to evaluate applicants against the criteria.
  • Evaluation plan for multiple ranks (e.g., Assistant/Associate/Full).

Applicant Review Process

  • Minimum Qualifications ScreeningFirst screening phase to check if candidates meet minimum criteria.E.g., education level, years of experience.
  • Preferred Qualifications ScreeningQualitative assessment based on evaluation criteria.Consider entire career for candidates, even gaps or fewer publications.

    Apply criteria consistently to all candidates.

Prepare for Interviews

Phone Interview

  • Schedule calls and set interview duration.
  • Announce interviews involving multiple committee members.
  • Prepare core questions based on agreed criteria.
  • Establish the order of interviewers’ questions.
  • Test teleconferencing equipment and procedures.

In-Person Interview

Get approval for on-campus interviews at least two weeks in advance.

Submit candidate assessments, including:

  • Approval request from the search committee.
  • Search committee questions and criteria.
  • Description of additional recruitment efforts.
  • Vita or dossier for each candidate.
  • Tentative interview schedule with names of individuals to meet.
  • Meeting with Department Chair, School Dean/Director, and if possible, faculty and student representatives.

Staff (TEAMS & USPS)

Reviewing Your Applicant Pool

Guidelines for fair and legal applicant review at UF:

  • Use consistent criteria for all applicants.
  • Develop the evaluation tool early in the recruitment process.
  • Applicants for interviews must meet minimum requirements.
  • Preferred qualifications may help identify promising candidates.
  • Address employment history gaps or job hopping on resumes.
  • Consult with HR before using additional assessments.

Find instructions in the toolkit.

Reference guides include:

Giving Veteran Applicants Preference

UF grants veterans’ preference for eligible positions. No scoring system is used.

Eligible Positions:

  • All former USPS positions qualify, including TU2E salary plan.
  • Faculty, OPS, and student positions do not qualify.
  • View the qualified positions list.

Identifying Veterans in the Applicant Pool

Recruitment and Staffing qualify veterans for preference.

Hiring departments must ensure eligible veterans are given preference for qualified positions.

Veteran’s Preference Impact on Interview Process:

  • Single-interview process: Eligible veterans must be interviewed.
  • Multi-interview process: Eligible veterans must have a first-round interview at least.

For criteria on veteran’s preference, visit the Veteran’s Preference page.

Temporary (OPS)

Reviewing Applicants for Temporary (OPS) Positions

Applicant Review:

Hiring departments advertising in Careers at UF must review all applications.

Base selection on the job advertisement criteria for interviews and hiring.

Verify complete representation of applicant’s work and education background.

Address employment gaps and reasons for termination.