Flexibility in the Workplace

The university’s Flexibility in the Workplace Policy allows work units to adjust employees’ arrival and departure times and vary workdays, as long as the FTE commitment is met within the university workweek (Friday to Thursday). Occasional remote work is also permitted based on individual circumstances.

Policy Statement

This policy empowers UF managers and employees to tailor working conditions to academic and business needs, promoting a healthy work/life balance. The goal is to enhance productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction, and engagement within work units. Examples of allowable flexibility include adjusting work hours and locations.

Permitted Arrangements

  • Condensed Workweek: Employees can fulfill a 40-hour workweek over fewer days, like working four days, 10 hours each day, with a minimum 30-minute lunch break.
  • Varying Work Hours: Employees can start and end work at different times, accommodating personal preferences.
  • Occasional Remote Work: Employees can work from home as needed for specific projects or personal circumstances, provided it doesn’t substitute for paid time off.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Employees can adjust their schedule to meet personal commitments, such as coming in later and working later on a particular day.

Full- and part-time work from home or other non-UF sites on a regularly scheduled basis must comply with the university’s Remote Work Location Policy.