The Interviewing Experience

Conducting Virtual Interviews

Phone Interviews

If you don’t already conduct phone interviews as an initial screening step, now’s the time to start. Phone interviews help assess candidates for their experience, pay expectations, availability, and location.

Virtual Video Interviews

If you can’t handle a high volume of phone interviews, consider conducting virtual one-way video interviews using platforms like Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, or SparkHire. These interviews are convenient for both you and the candidates, allowing you to screen them 24/7.

Live Video Interviews

After the initial phone or virtual interview, consider coordinating a live video interview using platforms like Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, or SparkHire. This approach allows you to engage with the candidate and involve decision-makers, even if they are working remotely.

Preparing for Live Video Interviews

Preparing Interviewers

Preparation for video interviews involves the same basic steps as traditional interviews. Interviewers should review the job description and candidate’s resume, prepare questions, and follow a shared agenda. However, there are some key differences:

  • Ensure all interviewers have access to the video platform.
  • Conduct the interview in a quiet, well-lit room with functioning cameras and microphones.
  • Set expectations for the interview, including start time and duration.
  • Allow time for questions before the interview to ease concerns of those new to virtual interviews.

These tips and best practices should help you identify and hire the best candidates to meet your hiring needs.