Travel Information

This is general information on travel and travel requirements. Please contact your department with specific travel dates and questions.

For more information about immigration related to COVID-19 and other travel restrictions, see the updates provided by Fragomen.

New Visa Stamp Requirement Scenarios

  • Employees currently abroad entering the US for the first time in non-immigrant status
  • Employees with amendment or extension approvals planning to travel abroad with expired or expiring visas

You don’t need to apply for a non-immigrant visa at the US Embassy/Consulate unless you plan to travel and re-enter the US. Obtaining a non-immigrant visa inside the US is not possible.

Applying for Non-Immigrant Visa

Each US Consulate/Embassy has specific requirements for visa applications. Visit the respective U.S. Consulate/Embassy’s website for details. Complete Form DS-160 online

Required Documents for Reentry

  • Valid passport (six months beyond non-immigrant status duration)
  • Valid non-immigrant visa stamp (except for Canadian citizens)
  • Original I-797 approval notice
  • Copy of non-immigrant petition filed with USCIS
  • Employment letter (optional)
  • 6 most recent paystubs
  • Form I-94 arrival record

Understanding I-94

When entering the US, you’ll receive a passport admission stamp. As I-94 is electronic, not all entry points issue stamps. Print your I-94 at

Ensure your I-94 contains the correct class of admission and expiration date matching your I-797 approval notice.

Entry stamps are not issued at all Ports of Entry.

New Visa Application and Delayed Reentry

If your visa application is denied or delayed, you can’t reenter the US until all checks are completed and the new visa is issued.