Template Letters for University Appointments

This page provides template letters for various university appointments, organized by category. For a record of offer letter revisions, please refer to the Record of Revisions Log.

Appointment Letter Clauses

Explore specific templates for appointment letter clauses that include tenure upon hire, relocation allowances, administrative supplements, and much more can be located document.

Academic HR

Faculty Appointments

Faculty appointment letters are categorized based on whether they are In Unit or Out of Unit and by tenure and non-tenure status. Choose the appropriate template for your faculty hire.

In Unit Faculty

Appointments for E&G (Education and General) units, covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Out of Unit Faculty

Appointments for Law, IFAS, Health Science Center colleges, with some faculty employed in E&G units that are out of unit.

Summer Appointments

Nine-month faculty receiving a summer appointment (salary plan FASU) should use the following template.

Post-Doc Associates

Utilize this template for appointing new post-doc associates in your unit.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate appointments include two letters for each student: one for academic admission to their program with assistantship information and the other for employment. Templates for both scenarios are provided.

Graduate Student Admission with Funding

Graduate Student Admission Letter without Funding

Pre-Doc and Post-Doc Fellows

Refer to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Courtesy Faculty

Staff (TEAMS & USPS)

Access letter of offer templates for different classifications of TEAMS employees.

Filing for H-1B/TN/O-1/E-3 Visa Status

Use the appropriate offer letter template for TEAMS Exempt employees filing for any of the above visa statuses.


Explore letter of offer templates for different classifications of OPS (Other Personnel Services) employees.

*Approval from Classification & Compensation is required before hiring an OPS exempt.

General Addendum

Find a general addendum template for various appointment types, both academic and staff, here.