First-Year Anniversary

After establishing feedback structures and building a relationship, how will you continue to support your employee?

What are your plans to acknowledge this important anniversary?

If you’ve followed the onboarding plan, you’ve been providing regular feedback, including a formal performance discussion at the six-month mark. Now, let’s ensure your new hire is engaged and sees a future at UF and in their current role.

No Surprises… Schedule Ahead

Plan and inform your new hire about the upcoming one-year conversation. Encourage them to reflect on their first year and prepare thoughts on goals, training, job satisfaction, and areas for improvement. Consider sharing your written appraisal in advance for their review.

Start by Listening

This conversation is a two-way street. Listen to your employee’s perspective:

  • Do they desire more responsibilities?
  • Is the workload manageable?
  • What are their ambitions, and how can you help them advance?

“What do I need to do to keep you here and keep you happy?”

Set a Tone

Be honest and constructive:

  • Begin with compliments and recognition of strengths
  • Identify concerns and areas for improvement with specific examples
  • Talk about the path forward and your expectations

Set Goals & Expectations

Encourage employees to think about their future accomplishments. Use SMART goals for clarity:


Provide resources to support goal achievement.

Embrace Your Coaching Duties

View supervising as coaching:

  • Offer both positive and negative feedback
  • Provide encouragement
  • Help employees develop the skills they need for success

Express Gratitude

Recognize and appreciate your employee’s year of dedication. Summarize the key action items for the year ahead.