Position Planning and Establishment

Establishing a New Position: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Classification and Compensation Department Assignments

1. Secure Funding and Initiate Position Request

Begin by securing funding approval for the new position from your unit’s budget authority. Then, initiate an “Add New Position” ePAF. Follow the steps outlined in the Adding a Position guide. A position number will be automatically assigned upon approval by Classification and Compensation. Email an updated organizational chart to compensation@ufl.edu.

2. Writing a Position Description

Position descriptions are crucial for job applicants, employees, supervisors, and HR staff. Learn how to write an effective position description in our guide: How to Write a Position Description.

3. Completing the Position Description Form

Follow the instructions provided in the Completing the Position Description Form guide to ensure the timely processing of your classification request.

4. Essential vs. Marginal Functions

Need help determining if a job function is essential or marginal? Check out our guide on Guidelines for Essential vs. Marginal Functions.

5. Understanding Salary Ranges (Pay Grades)

Departments can offer salaries within the allowed range for the pay grade. However, adherence to regulations set by the vice presidential unit is mandatory. Find the Salary Ranges (Pay Grades)here. Note that many departments hire employees at the base of the pay range.

6. Definitions of Terms

Ensure consistent understanding of job profiles by familiarizing yourself with the Definitions of Terms used in class specifications.