First Year

Now that you have created structures for providing feedback, communicating expectations, and building relationships, it’s time to determine how you will support your employee going forward. You’ll want to begin focusing on employee engagement and retention.

Expectations And Feedback

1. Celebrate the new employee’s first year!

2. Engage in a focused performance management conversation for his or her one-year anniversary

3. In year two, you will want to continue weekly meetings to discuss performance expectations and quality work and provide feedback

4. Shift the focus to employee engagement and retention. Discuss ways to keep the employee challenged, engaged and part of the team.


  • Connect work to how it supports the mission of the university​
  • Embrace each employee’s uniqueness and talents​
  • Match projects/job tasks with passions and strengths​
  • Provide support during difficult circumstances​
  • Discuss professional development opportunities​
  • Celebrate successes​

5. Find opportunities to encourage problem-solving and critical thinking

Build Relationships

1. Connect his or her work to the UF mission and your team’s values and purpose

2. Discuss soft skills such as building trust, communication, collaboration and customer service