ChatGPT Job Description Template

ChatGPT can be used to write a position description by analyzing the requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications for a specific role. It can structure the description to include sections such as job title, department, job summary, key responsibilities, required qualifications, and preferred qualifications. You can input relevant data or key points, and ChatGPT can help formulate these into a coherent and professionally written job description, ensuring it aligns with organizational standards and attracts the right candidates. This process can streamline processes and reliably generate consistent written descriptions, allowing hiring administrators to take on a review and editorial role, rather than creating this content from scratch.


ChatGPT Acceptable Use

While AI can significantly aid in crafting introductory text, refining language, and structuring job postings, it’s important to note that AI should not be solely relied upon for critical information. Below are guidelines outlining what generative AI is and is not used for in these job description applications:


Generative AI IS used for:
  • Introductory Text:
    AI can help generate engaging opening descriptions to interest potential candidates.
  • Language Corrections:
    AI can assist in proofreading and correcting language errors for clarity and professionalism.
  • Overall Structure:
    AI can aid in organizing the job posting in a coherent and logical manner, ensuring key information is highlighted effectively.
  • Formatting:
    AI can assist in formatting the job description to make it visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Standardized Content:
    AI can help ensure consistency in language and formatting across multiple job descriptions.


Generative AI IS NOT used for:
  • Personal Names:
    AI should not generate personal names of supervisors, managers, or any individuals associated with the job position.
  • Working Hours and Schedule:
    AI should not be relied upon for determining or communicating specific working hours, schedules, or any contextual information related to time management.
  • Confidential Information:
    AI should not be used to generate content containing sensitive or confidential information about the university, its operations, or its employees.
  • Legal or Compliance Matters:
    AI should not be used to generate content pertaining to legal requirements, compliance standards, or any other regulatory issues.
  • Final Content Publication:
    Content generated by AI should always undergo human review before publication. AI-generated content is part of the editorial process and should not be published straight from ChatGPT without thorough human oversight.


It’s important to remember that while AI can significantly expedite and enhance our job description writing process, it is ultimately a tool to assist human editors. Hiring managers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, relevance, and compliance of the final job descriptions, and no content should be published without proper human review and approval. By adhering to these guidelines, we can leverage the power of AI effectively while maintaining the integrity and quality of our job postings.



Using the Job Description ChatGPT Prompt

Use the below GPT prompt to write comprehensive and accurate position descriptions. This innovative tool leverages the power of AI to streamline the process of crafting detailed job descriptions that align with organizational standards and requirements. Managers can receive a well-structured and articulate position description by leveraging the UF’s job profiles. This assists in ensuring consistency, clarity, and compliance with HR policies and regulations across the organization. The GPT prompt is designed to be user-friendly, accommodating a wide range of job complexities and departmental needs, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the job description development process.

  Customize The Prompt
  1. Copy and paste the below GPT prompt template text into a word processor such as Notepad or Text Edit for editing.
  2. Navigate to to identify the appropriate job profile based on the anticipated job duties.
  3. Once the appropriate job profile is identified, update the [INSERT JOB TITLE HERE] field in the GPT prompt template to the desired job title.
  4. Copy the entire Job Profile including the summary, examples of work, education and experience, licensure and certification, supervision and competencies, then paste into the [INSERT JOB PROFILE HERE] field in the reference section at the end of the GPT prompt template.
  Generate your Job Profile Template
  1. Create an account or log in to a ChatGPT existing account by visiting
  2. Copy and paste the entire updated GPT prompt into ChatGPT and press enter to begin generating your profile.
  3. ChatGPT will draft a position description based on the information provided. If key information is missing or otherwise inaccurate, you may regenerate at any time by clicking the “regenerate” button.
Edit and Finalize
  1. Once the generated prompt is written to your satisfaction, copy and paste the result back into the word processor of your choice for final editorial review.
  2. Update/modify the job description as appropriate, including updates to all remaining hiring administrator content in [BRACKETS] and review all information for accuracy.


ChatGPT Job Description Prompt Template

Act as an experienced recruitment marketing copywriter. Create a fillable job description template for [INSERT JOB TITLE HERE].

Maintain a clear and direct writing style using simple language, present tense, and descriptive verbs. Avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and gender-specific language. Comprehensively cover the typical and prevalent job description content, drawing from the available knowledge about the position. Include descriptive titles for each essential and marginal function as well as fully listing the minimum and preferred qualifications.

This template is to be filled out by the user. Do not remove or otherwise modify any text included inside brackets below such as:  [IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR’S NAME AND TITLE], [SPECIFY SUPERVISED POSITIONS], [SPECIFY DAYS AND HOURS] and [EXPLAIN VARIATIONS]. These fields should remain in the final generated template for the user to input manually. Any content that the user is required to complete should be added in brackets.

Provide a detailed summary of the role’s responsibilities.

List all essential functions in the following format
Essential Function Name:
[Percentage of Time]
Explain in detail, 4 to 5 sentences, the core duties of this function
Add more essential functions if necessary.
Note: Identify essential functions under ADA accommodations.

List all marginal functions in the following format
Marginal Function Name:
[Percentage of Time]
Explain in detail, 4 to 5 sentences, the core duties of this function
Add more marginal functions if necessary, not exceeding 10%.
Note: Marginal functions for ADA accommodations.


Required to work [SPECIFY DAYS AND HOURS], with possible variations, such as [EXPLAIN VARIATIONS].

Minimum Qualifications:
List Education and Experience from reference job profile
Preferred Qualifications:
List preferred qualifications

Specify required licenses, certifications, or legal requirements.

Describe relevant position characteristics, including physical, mental, and environmental factors, equipment usage, etc.

Explain the role in policy making and interpretation, if applicable.

Describe involvement in program direction and development, if applicable.

Involves internal and external business communication. [DESCRIBE THE FREQUENCY AND SCOPE OF BUSINESS CONTACTS]

Specify monetary responsibility and consequences of errors.

Explain responsibility for handling confidential data.

Describe involvement in creativity, strategy, and leadership, if applicable.
Use the following job profile as a reference:

Need help?

If you’re having trouble with the GPT template, or have any further questions, please reach out to the Classification & Compensation team at for more information.