Preparing for Day One

Take some time to help your faculty get off to a good start and build a positive relationship between you, your new faculty, and your department. This will provide your faculty member a foundation for success, productivity, and retention.

First Impressions Matter

Warm and supportive environments improve faculty retention. A welcoming department climate can prevent feelings of isolation among faculty, help faculty feel valued, lead to productive research collaboration, and willingness to engage with the department decision-making process.


Tips for Arrival Day

Be Prepared

Ensure that the new faculty's workplace is set up. Their arrival is a big deal. Being fully prepared sends the message that they are a valued member of the department.

Set Up For Success!

Plan for the faculty's first day on campus. You don't want them fending for themselves for lunch or to figure out their email. Assign someone to help with these important details.

Set the Tone

Create a supportive and welcoming environment which benefits all faculty. Individuals, their perspectives, and their experiences should be respected and valued.

Though departments share the responsibility of creating a supportive and welcoming culture, Department Chairs can establish policies and practices that facilitate and promote that kind of culture. They can ensure there is transparency in the way decisions for tenure and promotions are made, with guidelines, HR policies, and administrative procedures available and accessible. Conversations about shared governance are particularly important for junior and new faculty.