Volunteer Coordination


Volunteers play a crucial role at UF, contributing to various community and state-wide initiatives. This includes support for educational programs, museum exhibits, and assistance at performances. To streamline volunteer tracking and identification, we’ve implemented a university-wide volunteer tracking system, replacing the old Record of Volunteer Service Form.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a Volunteer Policy and an existing Volunteer Regulation to define volunteer roles clearly.

NOTE: College of Medicine volunteers should continue working with College of Medicine Human Resources for their program needs.

Resources for UF Colleges and Units


Training Guides & Report


The following templates are Word Docs and can be downloaded and customized to suit individual volunteer program needs.


Access to the Volunteer Tracking systems and data requires specific security roles. You can request these roles from your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) after completing the required training.

For help in identifying your DSA, click here.

Required Training


This security role is required to access the Volunteer Tracking system in myUFL.

NOTE: HR Professionals with specific roles can also access the volunteer tracking system:

  • UF_EPAF_Department Admin
  • UF_EPAF_DOCE Approver
  • UF_EPAF_Level 1 Approver


This security role is required to access PersonHub. PersonHub is where you may look up a volunteer’s contact information and department affiliations when needed.


If you have questions about volunteer coordination at the University of Florida, please reach out to:

Office of Strategic Initiatives


FAQs For Volunteer Program Coordinators

Here are some questions we’ve received since announcing volunteer tracking and the Volunteer Policy. If you have additional questions, contact volunteer@hr.ufl.edu.


  • Why track volunteers?The move to a digital tracking system is sustainable, minimizes risk, and fosters community connections.
  • Multiple programs?Volunteers can work with multiple programs; no limits.
  • Evaluations?Depends on the department or program policy.
  • Training?Varies based on the volunteer program and service provided. Youth Protection Training required for those in contact with minors.
  • Minimum hours?No minimum hours for UF. Individual programs may have requirements.


  • Security roles?Yes. UF_PA_IDM_ID_VIEWER role needed for PersonHub access. For tracking system entry, UF_EPAF_POI_Coordinator or specific ePAF roles required.
  • Viewing volunteers?Access via PersonHub with UF_PA_IDM_ID_VIEWER role.
  • List of volunteers?View the Volunteer report in Enterprise Reporting.


  • Student interns?Interns for credit or compensation are not volunteers. Uncompensated interns should be tracked.
  • Minors?Require Parental Consent form for those under 18.
  • Worker’s Compensation?Yes, if volunteer service is documented.
  • Nepotism?Applies to volunteer service. No direct supervisory roles between relatives.
  • Similar work as employees?No replacements for paid positions. Former employees can’t perform similar duties.
  • Releasing volunteers?Annual approval required. Departments can release volunteers at any time.
  • Minimum age?Minimum age is 14 years old to volunteer.
  • Single-day volunteers?Either enter in the system or use Single-Day-Event-Volunteer form.
  • Service expiration?Volunteer service expires annually, 365 days from start.
  • Who can volunteer?Anyone can apply, acceptance not guaranteed. Refer to the Volunteer Policyfor details.

Background Screening

  • Background checks?Required for volunteers in UF-affiliated youth activities. File checks per Florida Statute 409.175.
  • Financial responsibility?Department hosting the volunteer covers screening costs.