Remote Work Considerations

The University of Florida acknowledges the value of telecommuting for a flexible work environment and the need for employees to work remotely to support institutional and departmental goals. While remote work within Florida is typically uncomplicated, working outside the state or country may pose legal and financial challenges due to differing laws and requirements.

Given the complexities and risks involved, employees should not work in another state or country solely for their convenience. UF departments must consult with UF Human Resources before assigning or hiring employees to work remotely outside of Florida or the United States.

Considerations for Working Remotely

  • Assess the employee’s ability to work autonomously, communicate face-to-face, control and schedule workflow, maintain reliable work hours, and exercise self-discipline.
  • Ensure the remote work arrangement benefits both the college/unit and the employee.
  • Discuss the reasons for requesting remote work between the supervisor and employee.
  • Evaluate if the employee’s work location poses legal liabilities.

Working Remotely within the U.S.

For guidance on allowing an employee to work at a remote location within the U.S., refer to the Remote Work Location Policy. Complete and submit the Remote Work Location Agreement for approval. For questions, contact Classification and Compensation at

Lookup your Remote Work Location Agreement at: Find my Remote Work Location Agreement

Working Remotely outside of U.S.

For approval to work outside the U.S., visit UF’s Employment Abroad page. Submit the Remote Work Location Agreement for Employment Abroad to for review and approval by  Human Resources, UF Research, and Office of General Counsel.