Modifying a Position

Promotion, Reassignment, and Demotion Pay

University of Florida regulations require an employee’s pay to fall within the salary range assigned to their position’s pay grade. Pay adjustments may occur when employees are promoted, reassigned, or demoted. Here’s an overview:

  • Promotion: Moving to a position in a higher pay grade.
  • Transfer or Reassignment: Moving to another position with the same pay grade.
  • Demotion: Moving to a position in a lower pay grade.

Review the salary ranges for each pay grade in the Compensation section of this site.


Position Reclassification

When the duties of a position change significantly over time, reclassification may be necessary. Here’s what’s required for a reclassification to a higher title:

  • The employee must meet the minimum qualifications for the new classification.
  • The employee must perform the higher level functions for at least six months before reclassification.
  • If an employee doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications but has equivalent education and experience, they need an extended period of performing higher-level functions.

A Special Pay Increase may be requested during this transitional period.

The reclassification request is initiated by the supervisor and includes a revised position description reflecting the new duties. Refer to “Reclassifying a Position” for instructions on how the request is submitted through PeopleSoft’s Position Management. An updated organizational chart must be submitted by email. Classification & Compensation will review and evaluate the changes. If a pay change is requested, the salary increase given can be anywhere within the pay range for the new classification, subject to department funding and the area’s Vice President’s policies. Approved reclassifications take effect at the beginning of the following pay period after approval by Classification and Compensation.

Executive Appointments

Appointments Without Recruitment

Appointing an employee to the Director level or above without recruitment and when reclassification criteria aren’t met requires approval from the Vice President for Human Resource Services.