9 Months

The University of Florida is committed to hiring and retaining unique and talented faculty. Deans and Department Heads need to be committed to creating a warm, welcoming environment that is free of unhealthy behaviors or norms.

Faculty Career Stages and Opportunities

Junior Faculty

Midcareer Faculty

Senior Faculty

Hold annual tenure and promotion process trainings/information sessions.

Communicate available resources.

Hold regular meetings for college or unit-wide new faculty cohorts.

Have thorough conversations with faculty to make sure they are meeting research checkpoints to meet tenure requirements.

Hold high-level tenure and promotion process trainings/information sessions.

Discuss the importance of mentorship of junior faculty.

Discuss ways to expand senior faculty’s research.

Connect new faculty with senior faculty.

Communicate that you value the new ideas that “junior” faculty bring to the institution.


For a full text version of the 9 Month Best Practices that can be customized: Onboarding101_Faculty_6_NineMonths