Graduate Assistant Leave of Absence

Graduate assistants at UF are eligible for leave of absence under the following circumstances:

  • Disability, illness, jury duty, required U.S. military service, or family emergencies.
  • University closures on state holidays or during declared emergencies (unless duties are required).
  • Professional licensing exams or non-departmental professional development events.

Types of Leave

Personal Time with Pay

Graduate assistants receive up to 5 days per semester, credited at the start. Days are used in 1-day increments for various circumstances.

Not cumulative; managed at the department level.

Paid Family Leave of Absence

Eligible for 8 weeks within a 12-month period for reasons including child birth/adoption, family member’s health, or own serious health condition.

  • Applies after the second semester of employment.
  • Requires 30 days’ notice (or 24 hours in emergencies).
  • Continued health coverage; tuition waiver maintained.

Request Paid Family Leave

Research Leave of Absence

Graduate assistants can request unpaid leave for up to a year for academic research, subject to university approval. Employee status is maintained.

Important Information

GAU Contract Article 8 contains detailed information about GA leaves of absence.

Contact Information

UFHR Leave Administration