Make the First 30 Days Count

New employees decide their commitment early on, based on their connection with the organization, colleagues, and the job. Ensure they start on the right foot.

Plan training across the first 3-4 months, making it manageable and job-specific. This gradual approach fosters acclimatization.

Training Breakdown

Divide training into:

  • Top priority (1st month): Daily key job duties and role-specific tasks
  • Medium priority (2nd or 3rd month): Tasks not performed daily
  • Low priority (3rd or 4th month): Remaining training

Consider prerequisites and organize logically.

Sample First Month Schedule

Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4/5

  • Review first day checklist
  • Assign a buddy
  • Schedule lunch
  • Schedule meeting with team members
  • Confirm myUFL and myTraining accounts are set-up
  • Review security roles with HR Rep or DSA
  • Complete high priority training
  • Complete 1 role-specific training
  • Meet campus stakeholders with buddy
  • Complete high priority training
  • Complete 1-2 role-specific trainings
  • Complete high priority training
  • Meet with team member to review institutional and position knowledge
  • Work on job-specific tasks or job shadow
  • Complete 1 role-specific training 

Check in regularly and provide feedback.


Week 2

Weeks 3/4

  • Reinforce completed training with related tasks.
  • Ensure completion of required trainings.
  • Consider software training with buddy or department expert.
  • Introduce extended stakeholders.
  • Prepare for the first team meeting if applicable.
  • Assign small tasks or projects.
  • Reinforce training.
  • Explore UF systems with buddy or co-worker.
  • Arrange job shadowing with a skilled colleague.
  • Monitor role access training progress.
  • Introduce to senior leaders.

Check in regularly and provide feedback.