Level 2 Background Screening Request Form

  • This form is for conducting level 2 or level 2 – DCF screenings. It is mandatory by law or preapproved by UF Human Resources.
  • For more information on level 2 screenings, click here.
  • To conduct other criminal background screenings, use HireRight. Click here.
  • Contact Amy Neal (aneal@pky.ufl.edu) at PK Yonge for PK Yonge campus access.

Requesting Level 2 – DCF Background Screening

Request this for employees/volunteers:

  • Baby Gator
  • After School Program
  • Florida Department of Children and Families funding
  • Youth activities or camps*

* Visit UF Compliance for details on hosting UF sponsored youth activities and camps. Initiate screening for camps/activities here.

Screening Minors (Under 18)

Before screening minors, obtain a signed “Background Screening Consent Form for Minors” from minor and parent/guardian. Retain forms securely.

Instructions for Level 2 – DCF Request

  1. Complete all fields below, especially those marked with an asterisk. Click Submit.
  2. Submit a completed copy of Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form and Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Acknowledge Form to UF Talent Acquisition and Onboarding either by;
    1. Fax – 352-846-3058 or
    2. DropBox- Please place documents in a Dropbox folder and then email the link to the Dropbox folder to HRBackgrounds@admin.ufl.edu.
      1. Depending on the setting of your folder, you may be asked to authorize access to your folder.
      2. Please visit “How to Share A File ” on UF Dropbbox FAQs page for additional instructions on sharing DropBox folders.
    3. Do not email.
  3. UF Talent Acquisition will confirm if fingerprinting appointment is needed.
  4. Once approved, schedule fingerprinting with UF HR or approved vendor if outside Gainesville/Alachua County.
  5. Keep forms and results in a separate secured folder in your department.

Use the Fingerprinting Appointment Online Scheduler to book your appointment with Talent Acquisition & Onboarding.

Note: UF Talent Acquisition sends a confirmation email. Fingerprinting before approval incurs extra costs.

For help, contact HRS at (352) 392-2477 or email HRSBackgrounds@admin.ufl.edu.