Researcher and Research Support Screening

Florida Statute 1010.35 Compliance

In compliance with Florida Statute 1010.35, all candidates for researcher and research support positions are required to undergo additional screening, a process managed jointly by UF Human Resources and UF Research Integrity, Security, and Compliance (RISC).

Definition of Researcher and Research Support Positions

Researcher and research support positions encompass individuals at UF who engage in research-related activities. These roles include those who conduct research, create research materials, receive research training, manage research data, or control access to sensitive data. The source of funding does not determine these positions, and they may involve scholarly activities.

For a complete list of current researcher and research support positions, click here.

Temporary or OPS positions performing research-related duties (except OPS students) also require screening and are generally categorized as OPS-Sponsored Project Non-Clerical. For more details, refer to the OPS employment policy and categories.

If your position involves research but is not listed, please consult with Talent Acquisition and Onboarding via email at to determine if screening is necessary.

Screening Processes

Below is a summary of the screening process for various job categories.

  • Faculty and OPS Positions: View the screening process here.
  • TEAMS and CARE Positions: Learn about the screening process here.

Screening Procedures

The screening procedures depend on how the position was hired. See below for more details.

  1. Screening a Candidate from Careers at UF (PageUP)
    1. The final candidate is identified for a researcher or research support role posted in PageUp.
    2. The hiring department updates the applicant status to Request Clearance for Researcher Hire.
    3. The status change to Request Clearance for Researcher Hire automatically triggers an email to the candidate with instructions on completing the research screening form.
    4. Upon the candidate’s form submission, their status updates to Researcher Hire Under Core HR Review.
    5. UFHR reviews the screening form, forwarding it to RISC if necessary.
      • If the position is Faculty or OPS: Once the review is complete, UFHR updates the status to Clear for offer – Research/Research Support – UFHR use only.
      • If the position is TEAMS or CARE: UFHR completes the clearance for offer process.
  2. Screening a Candidate from Interfolio: Contact for assistance when screening a candidate who applied via Interfolio.
  3. Screening Direct Hires and Courtesy Appointments: When hiring an employee for a researcher or research support position outside of Careers at UF or creating a courtesy appointment, follow the steps detailed in the links provided:
    • Direct Hires: Direct Hire
    • Courtesy Appointments: Courtesy Appointments
    • Provide necessary information including the candidate’s position title, college/unit, department, and departmental HR contact.

    It’s recommended that the hiring department follow up with the candidate 3-5 days after sending the email, should they not receive a response from Talent Acquisition and Onboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do the different research-related applicant statuses mean?
    • Request Clearance for Researcher Hire: This status is used for the final candidate, and it triggers an email to the candidate to complete the research screening form.
    • Researcher Hire Under Core HR Review: After the candidate submits the form, their status updates, and Core HR is notified.
    • Under RISC Review: UF HR reviews the form and sends it to RISC for further review.
    • Clear for offer – Research/Research Support – UFHR use only: For Faculty or OPS positions, this status allows moving forward with the hiring process.
  2. What is the DS-160 and the upload procedure?: The DS-160, or Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, is required for certain candidates. More details can be found here.
  3. How is research defined under this policy?: Research encompasses systematic study, application, or reporting aimed at furthering knowledge or practical developments. It includes training and use of research outcomes.
  4. Do reclassifications or updates to position descriptions trigger the screening process?: No, reclassifications or updates to position descriptions do not trigger the screening process.
  5. Does informal, job-related research classify an applicant as a researcher or research support position?: No, informal market research for daily operations does not classify an applicant as such.
  6. If research does not involve peer-review or publication, can it still trigger the screening process?: Yes, it can still trigger the screening process, not limited to peer-review or publication.
  7. Can extension include researcher or research support positions?: Yes, extensions may include such positions.
  8. If an applicant does not meet the definition but is supervised by someone who does, will this trigger the screening process?: No, only the applicant’s duties are considered for screening, not their supervisor’s.
  9. Postdoctoral associates needing a J-1 visa: Route them through the International Scholars and International Visitors Portal for UF RISC review.
  10. Student Assistants and Graduate Assistants: They are not included in the screening process unless moving to positions that require it.
  11. Courtesy Appointments with Reappointments: They are not included in the screening process.
  12. Joint and Affiliate Faculty: Employed faculty members are not included in the screening process.

Need Additional Support?

For more information or assistance, contact Talent Acquisition and Onboarding at