Background Screening Request Form for Youth Camps and Activities


Follow these steps to request a background check:

  1. Complete all fields on this page, including volunteer/applicant information, background screening selection, and payment authorization. The form must be filled out by the UF department administrator or department youth activity coordinator. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
    • Request Level 2 for youth camps/activities outside of the summer period.
    • Request Level 2 – DCF for youth summer camp/activities during the summer period.
  2. Click the Submit button at the bottom of this page. You will receive a confirmation page upon successful submission.
  3. Only schedule a fingerprinting appointment after receiving an email confirmation from Talent Acquisition & Onboarding.

Requesting Level 2 – DCF Screening for Summer Camps/Activities

When requesting Level 2 – DCF screening, a completed Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form and Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Acknowledge Form must be submitted to Talent Acquisition & Onboarding via either via:

  1. fax (352-846-3058) or
  2. DropBox (please place documents in a DropBox folder and then email the link to the folder to
    1. Depending on the setting of your folder, you may be asked to authorize access to your folder.
    2. Please visit “How to Share A File ” on UF Dropbbox FAQs page for additional instructions on sharing DropBox folders.
  3. Do not send via email. 
  • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding will notify you if a fingerprinting appointment is required.
  • Schedule a fingerprinting appointment with Human Resources or an approved UF vendor once approval is provided by Talent Acquisition & Onboarding.
  • Use the Fingerprinting Appointment Online Scheduler to make an appointment. Appointment details will be provided in a separate email.
  • Create a separate folder to store the Clearance Privacy Policy Acknowledgment form, Affidavit of Good Moral Character, and screening results, including public records, in a secure location.

If an employee completes the fingerprinting before receiving approval from Talent Acquisition & Onboarding, the hiring department will incur additional costs. The department will be responsible for the cost of extra screening if multiple requests are made for the same individual.

Screening Minors (Under Age 18)

Prior to conducting a criminal background screening on a minor (under age 18), the hiring department must obtain a signed copy of the Background Screening Consent Form for Minors from both the minor and their parent or legal guardian. Retain signed forms securely in compliance with Florida public schedule.

For further information or assistance, please contact HRS at (352) 392-2477 or email